Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to cut a Pomegranate (Plus other useful information!)

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone is doing well.  The last few weeks have been crazy for me.  I just got out of the hospital yesterday, and am looking forward to recovering and living life again!

Anyways, this post will be about Pomegranates.  Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants Vitamin C and Potassium.  What's even better about them is that their peak ripeness is in December and January, which means that now is the PERFECT time to go shopping for them.  I saw them at the supermarket the other day for $1.99 each.  Pomegranates have a tart taste, and are good as an addition to other foods (ex: Salad).  Or if you want, you can eat it by themselves.

*A simple way to get the seeds from the pomegranate to the bowl is to whack the pomegranate all over a wooden spoon.  Next, cut the fruit in half using a knife, and holding the cut side down, whack it again with the wooden spoon.  The seeds should start falling out.*

When shopping for pomegranates, search for ones that have a dark pink to deep red skin, shiny, and free of cracks.  Those indicate pomegranates that are freshest and best tasting.

Source: Foot Network Magazine December 2012

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