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Push Up Pro Review

Push Up Pro Review: The Ultimate Upper Body Workout?

You may have seen this commercial on TV.  The Push Up Pro, which has been around for a few years now, claims to be the ultimate upper body workout, at the affordable price of $19.99.  This revolutionary piece of equipment was designed by Jack Zatorski, who in 2003 set the world record for push ups.  Let's take a look at his commercial, which is right below this sentence.

Here are some of the things that were said in this video:

"Strengthen and tone, sculpt and define.  Now, there's a new way to get fit quick."

"It's the new way to sculpt and tone the chest, shoulders, arms, and even abs."

"It's the ultimate upper body workout."

"Guaranteed results within 10 days or your money back."

They all seem like promising statements.  But, you can say that for any of these commercials on TV.

I decided to buy a set of Push Up Pro grips myself and see what all the hype was about.  Was I really going to get guaranteed results within 10 days, or was nothing going to change?  Let's find out.

The Grips: The box contained 2 Push Up Pro grips, one for each hand.  They are light, and simplistic.  Upon placing them on the ground, the handles are very easy to rotate.  The handles have some "rubber-like" material on them so your hands won't slide off.  Since the grips are small, they can be stored in a gym bag or backpack.

The Initial Workout: I wanted to do a practice set and see how many push ups I could do with the Push Up Pro while rotating the handles.  Normally, I can do around 30 regular push ups.  With the Push Up Pro, I could only do 15.  I definitely felt it in my arms and chest.

Surprisingly, rotating the handles added a lot of difficulty to a normal push up.  This is because when you rotate the handles, it forces your body to use more muscles in order to support the weight of your body.  This adds difficulty and variety to a normal push up workout.

10 Days Later: Throughout the 10 days, I tried different things with the Push Up Pro.  I did normal push ups, rotating grip push ups, push ups with my feet on a chair, close grip push ups, and more.  In the beginning, I couldn't do many repetitions, and had to take a few minutes break after every set.

However, toward the end, I was gaining more endurance and was able to do more repetitions.  My max amount of push ups in one set at the end of the 10 days was 20, which was a 25% increase!

Verdict:  I do think Push Up Pro is worth the $20 investment, but only if you plan on using it and not having it sit there collecting dust.  I think the Push Up Pro is most beneficial for people who are just starting to get into an exercise routine.  Here's my reasoning: In my opinion, the best upper body workout are pull ups.  They work all the muscles in the upper body, with the most strain on the triceps, shoulders, and back.

However, not everyone can do pull ups.  For these people, I recommend the Push Up Pro.  Even if you can't do normal push ups, you can start by doing wall push ups, like stated in the video.  As you progress and get stronger, you can move to doing push ups with your knees on the floor, and eventually, regular push ups.

Final thoughts: I feel like if you buy the Push Up Pro, make an exercise goal, and stick to that goal, you will see results.  It may take more than 10 days, but eventually you will see results.  My friend suggested that I write a review on this because he was pondering whether or not to "invest on this", so I obliged.  This was my first official review on my blog, and hopefully it provided you with some new information and insight.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this review, and as always, if you have any questions or feedback, comment below.

-Eric Char-

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