Friday, November 2, 2012

Carbohydrate Myth Buster

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a month.  I have been very busy with school the past few weeks, with midterms and all that.  Also, I have been a bit lazy in terms of updating this blog, so I apologize.  

People might ask if I will stop updating this blog all together.  The answer is: No.  I will continue to update this blog, just not as often.  It may be once a week, once every two weeks, who knows.  If I come across something interesting, I will try to share it with you.  (Today's post will be a short one about carbohydrates)

This past week, Hurricane Sandy came through my area.  I was fortunate to not be hit hard, I only lost power for a few hours overall.  My hometown, however, was hit pretty hard.  The folks there are going on 5 days now without power.  Hopefully they will get their power back soon.


Many people on diets are limiting or even avoiding carbohydrates because they think carbs are bad for their weight loss plan.  Well, that is a myth.  Carbohydrates are actually an important source of energy.  Even so, that doesn't mean there's nothing to learn from low-carb diets.  Carbs are not all created equal, and to help you lose weight you want to limit processed carbs such as white bread and croissants.

Instead, enjoy beans and whole grains such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread.  Of course, don't forget fruits and vegetables, which provide a host of nutrients and fiber, are low in calories, and can help reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease.  The body also uses carbs as fuel during exercise to burn body fat, which is another reason to keep bread and pasta on the menu.

Source: Drop 5: The Small Changes, Big Results Diet

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