Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Antioxidant Myth

Examples of Antioxidants
Mostly all of us know that antioxidants are good and that they protect our body against free radicals and our cells from aging.  That is true.  Most people also think that all antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables.  That is false.  Infact, the entire plant kingdom, which includes beans, nuts, seeds, and grains, is rich in antioxidants.
These also are Antioxidants

 The reason is because all plants produce antioxidants to fight against predators and UV rays.  The one exception is refined grains, which is found in white rice, cookies, and brownies (to name a few).  Even meat, dairy products, and eggs contain antioxidants.  These come from the nutrient-rich plants the animals eat. 

Unfortunately, these don't contain Antioxidants

So for those of you "allergic" to fruits and vegetables, do not worry.  You can still get your antioxidant filling every day. 

Source: 1001 Muscle Meals

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