Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 High Fiber Foods

Note to all readers: Due to the fact that school has started, I will be updating this blog a lot less.  I will try to update this periodically, but it will be a lot less often due to my heavy courseload this semester.  Thank you for your understanding.

Fiber is an important nutrient that has many benefits.  Fiber helps moves things through your digestive system and lowers your chance of developing diverticulitis, a disease in which small pouches form in the colon.  Also, fiber helps lower your risk of cardiovascular disease because it lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Below are 5 foods that are high in fiber:

1. Almonds (3.5g per oz)

2. Sweet potato (5g for 1 medium)

3. Apple (4.5g for 1 medium)

4. Oats (4g per 1 cup cooked)

5. Pinto/black beans (7.5g per 1/2 cup cooked)

Source: All You magazine, Issue 8

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