Thursday, August 30, 2012

US Open Food Prices

The US Open is arguably the most popular tennis tournament in the world.  This year, from August 27-September 9, hundreds of thousands of spectators will travel to the courts in Flushing to watch some high quality tennis.  Millions of other people will watch the action on TV and online at

I had the chance to attend the US Open myself on Tuesday.  It was a remarkable experience, and totally worth the $59 I spent on my Gounds Pass ticket. 

For those of you who plan to attend the US Open this labor day weekend, you will probably end up getting something to eat or drink.  The following are the prices of some of the food items that are available at the US Open: (~ means approximate price)

Evian Water (Small): $3.75
Evian Water (Large): $5.00
Gatorade: $5.00
Strawberry Slushie: $5.50
Snapple: $5.50
Mixed Berry Smoothie: ~$6.00
Frozen Lemonade (Small): $5.00
Frozen Lemonade (Large): $7.00
Heineken: ~$6.00
Yogurt Parfait: $6.50

Pretzel: ~$5.00
Four Cheese Pizza: $8.50
Hamburger: ~$6.75
Grilled Chicken Sandwich: $9.75
Hotdog: ~$6.50
Turkey Sandwich: $8.75
Tuna Salad Sandwich: $8.75
Steak Sandwich: $13.00
Lobster Sandwich: ~$17.50
Curly Fries: $4.75

(I had a Four Cheeze Pizza, and I enjoyed it.  It was a relatively small size, but it had flavor and a lot of crust, which is my favorite part.  I would recommend it.)

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