Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Village Dining Hall

A few days ago, I came across this article about the Olympic Village Dining Hall.  I found it very interesting.  For example, the dining hall is open 24 hours a day and is free to all athletes.  Over the course of the Olympics, there was an estimated 17 million meals served!

There is food for everyone including halal, African, Caribbean, Indian, Asian, Polish, Mediterranean, and McDonalds.  This is a welcome change to Beijing, when there were only three choices in the dining hall: international, Mediterranean, and Asian.  As expected, the food is top quality.  The milk is organic, the coffee is free-trade, and the eggs are free-range.  The chicken carries Britain's "Freedom Food" label.

For more information about the Dining hall, click on the link below.

Olympic Village Dining Hall: Best food court ever?

As for my favorite moment of the games?  There's too many to list, but one that stands out is Manteo Mitchell.  This guy broke his leg in the middle of a 4x400 relay race, but managed to finish his lap and successfully hand off the baton.  Running 200M on a broken leg?  Now that's just incredible.  I remember I once sprained my ankle playing basketball, I couldn't even walk for a few days.  I had to hop on one foot.  But this guy Manteo Mitchell?  This guy is just unbelievable. 

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