Friday, August 3, 2012

Chinese Medicine Scam!


This post is a bit off topic, but I feel I have to tell you guys this: Chinese Medicine is a SCAM!  Do not buy any Chinese Medicine if you go to China.  It's a total waste of money.

While I was in China, I had the unfortunate chance to visit 2 different Chinese medicine stores.  Basically, a self proclaimed Chinese "doctor" came in and started talking about health and happiness.  Then, he began to lecture us about his wonderful products that can help cure us of our illness and diseases, like lack of sleep, kidney problems, swollen ankles, and mosquito bites.

After his lecture, he came up to us, stare into our souls, and magically figure out everything about us health wise.  Coincidentally, everyone of us had a health problem.  For instance, he told one of the women that she had kidney problems because her skin was yellow.  This caused her husband to proclaim "Her skin is yellow because she's Asian, not because she has kidney problems."  That made me laugh.

Later, I had a conversation with the husband.  We brought up some very good points.  If these self-proclaimed doctors are so smart, then why isn't all of China healthy?  Why is there sick people in the world? Bottom line: Don't buy any Chinese Medicine in China, they are just trying to scam you out of your money.  Instead, buy something like a Bic Mac from McDonald's.  It's better than the fake crap they sell at these medicine stores.

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