Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Now that the weather is all hot, tropical fruits have been appearing on supermarkets shelves at good prices.  One of thees fruits is the papaya.  For some reason, not many people like papayas.  If you've never tried them before, I strongly recommend you give them a try.

Papayas are packed with nutritional goodness.  Each cub of cubed papaya contains 2 1/2 grams fiber, 150%  daily value Vitamin C, 28% Vitamin A, 14% folate, and 6% potassium.  Best of all, it's only 60 calories!

To eat a papaya, slice it open, remove the seeds, and cut the fruit away from the skin.  If you want, you can squeeze some lemon or lime juice for an added kick.

Source: Nutrition Action June 2012 Magazine

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