Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Reader,

Welcome to my summer blog dedicated to food and nutrition.  Let me tell you: this blog is not supposed to be a recipe book (there are already hundreds of those out there), nor is it supposed to be an official food textbook (after all, I'm not a professional nutritionist).  Instead, the purpose of this blog is to spread my knowledge that I have picked up-to you.

With the use of short and simple posts, I hope to educate and inform you on different things dealing with food and nutrition.  Some of these things you may already know, some you may not.  At the very least, I am sure you will be able to pick up some tidbits of useful information.

My plan is for this blog to run till the end of August.  I plan on posting around 4 times a week.  Posts will consist of different things, such as information on different foods and exclusive interviews.  Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Feedback on my blog, whether positive or negative, is welcomed.

Thank you for reading, lets get this started!

-Eric Char

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