Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3 Superfoods Most People are Unaware of

Most people know that foods like blueberries, spinach, and salmon are good for you.  The following 3 foods are foods you may have never heard of, but they are very beneficial to your body as well:

1. Black Rice-With a slightly purple hue, these nutty tasting, soft textured grains contain a significant amount of fiber and iron, and also contain antioxidant properties.  Eating black rice can improve cardiovascular health and brain function by keeping your arteries clear, which promotes better flood flow.

2. Chia seeds-No, these seeds do not turn into Chia pets.  But, they are super good for you.  These nearly flavorless seeds are packed with fiber, and expand in your stomach 16-fold by absorbing water.  This means that they help you feel full without making you bloated (I will talk more about chia seeds in a future entry)

3. White tea-Made from buds instead of tea leaves, white tea is even richer in bioflavonoid antioxidants.  White tea also has a slight metabolism-boosting effect due to the phytochemicals present, which helps with weight management.

Source: Family Circle magazine July 2012

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