Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Wawa Virgin

Up until today, I was a Wawa virgin.  But not anymore.  I mean, in the past I have went to Wawa, but the only thing I have bought there was either a soda or a cookie.  Until today.  Today, I bought one of Wawa's sandwiches.

Overall, I am impressed with their sandwiches, especially the way you go about ordering one.  There is an electronic touch-screen menu (shown above) that you can punch in your order.  You choose what sandwich you want, then the bread, cheese, toppings, and dressings you want.  After you order, a receipt prints out and an employee starts making your sandwich right in front of you.  Within 5 minutes, your order is ready to go.  Wawa's up-to-date method and ease of ordering impressed me the most.

What made me want to try their sandwich was the promotion going on.  For a limited time, Wawa is having a Hoagiefest promotion, which means that their 10 inch subs on a Classic hoagie roll are at a discounted price of $4.79!  Today I had a pizza chicken steak (no cheese), and it was delicious.  In fact, I finished it in 5 minutes.

Although it did take me 19 years to try something from Wawa's, one thing is for sure: I sure as hell am gonna go back for more!

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