Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evol Food Bowls and Burritos

For those of you who are interested in buying frozen food meals for your dorm room, apartment, or house, I have a new recommmendation for you: Evol Foods.  Evol Foods is a relatively new name that started in 2009.  Their foods include burritos, pizzas, and food bowls.

Personally, I have tried a few of their food items (like the fire grilled steak and teriyaki chicken wrap) and found them to be pleasantly satisfying.  The fire grilled steak (shown below) featured vegetables that were tasty and had flavor (unlike most frozen vegetables), had a good amount of steak, and a nice cilantro lime pesto sauce. The portion size wasn't that big, but the quality was good.  It was a bit pricey (it cost me about $6 at my school), but I would say it's worth it to try it out.

Evol foods are relatively new and therefore hard to find.  I did manage to find some at a local Stop & Shop for a pretty good price (~$4.59 for a food bowl and ~$3.50 for a burrito).  I believe that with time, the popularity of Evol Foods will grow and they will become more readily available to the public.

If you are interested in Evol products, visit their website www.evolfoods.com for more information.

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